What is the best calendar for busy Moms to keep our families organized?

When your a busy mom, regardless of the ages of your kids. It seems like everyone always needs a wall calendar of some sort. 

A wall calendar is the easiest way to get a visual sense of your month. Some people like to use their phone calendars, or planners. 

But having the best calendar for busy moms hanging in the busiest area of your home, your entire family will be able to stay up to date with whats going on. With a single, easy to read glance.

Why should I specifically use a calendar designed for Moms?

A calendar that is designed specifically for busy moms in mind will have features that you just won’t find on the typical ‘free’ or run of the mill calendars in stores. 

There are many kinds of calendars out there too choose from varying in

  • Size
  • Layout: portrait vs landscape
  • Material: everything from paper, to acrylic and dry erase
  • Function: some are meant to just be pretty, some are meant to just be super functional
  • Length: some are just 12 months, others 18
  • Price: You can pay anywhere from nothing too $100+ depending on the things above
  • Style: Digital (phone apps, digital planners etc), vs traditional write-on calendars
  • Location: wall calendars, a desk calendar, a planner calendar you throw in your bag with you when you leave the house

But unless they are designed specifically for a busy mom, you may find they are not going to naturally encourage the creation of organized habits that can be sustained from month to month and built upon. 

Some of these sections that are thoughtfully included in some of the best organizational calendars for Mom’s will be variations of sections for

  • Notes
  • Meal planning
  • Family to-do lists
  • Grocery lists
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Individual sections for each family member to track commitments

Why just a standard calendar doesn’t cut it for busy Moms.

A normal wall calendar isn’t the best resource to use when you’re serious about finding the best calendar for busy moms.

Here are a couple of pro’s vs con’s for a couple popular types of wall calendars

Fancy dry erase and or acrylic wall calendars


  • Beautiful
  • Look very stylish and minimalistic hanging in your home
  • Buy once, use forever


  • Expensive
  • You are probably the only one allowed to write on it,
  • Need to re-invent the wheel at the start of every new month by erasing old things, & adding in new things.
  • Cannot plan very far in advance because there isn’t enough room to add in lots of future dates/appointments etc, you cannot reference past months,
  • Easy to erase writing by accident with your hand if you’re a leftie like me. Unless you use a wet erase marker

Traditional ones like the ‘ultimate mom calendar’ type idea


  • Designed for Mom’s by Mom’s
  • Feature lots of writing space
  • Usually has room for keeping track of each kid’s schedules seperately
  • Good prices
  • Common to find 18 month long ones
  • Large scale
  • Usually comes with stickers


  • The illustrations and designs can sometimes feel like it doesn’t complement your decor
  • Style can feel ‘overly’ mommish

These can definitely function as the best mom calendar for some moms out there! But sometimes we want designed to be a bit more minimalistic.

Plain jane ‘office’ looking type calendars 


  • Extremely functional
  • Very large range of styles, sizes, layouts etc to choose from
  • Very good price ranges


  • Not ‘pretty’ by any means
  • Designed to look minimalistic
  • Does not contain specialized sections that are meant to help Mom’s have a quick, at a glance snapshot of the month at hand. 
hand holding a pen, writing in daily planner

What is the best calendar for busy moms?

The Mommin’3™ Wall Calendars at the PlantoMOM shop are one of the best options for a Mom that is looking for the best calendar for busy Mom’s. 

These calendars are designed by me (a busy mom) with various sections and layouts to accommodate a wide range of organizational styles & needs. 

Any Mom that is wanting to have a simple way to stay organized and on-top of all those swirling thoughts in her head, needs to have a place to write them down. Plain & simple. 

The Mommin’3™Wall Calendars feature…

  • Modern designs to compliment as many home/decor styles as possible
  • Various layouts and designated sections for tracking those important aspects of family life management
  • Affordable prices
  • High quality, matte finished, thick paper that you are going to LOVE writing on. With pens OR pencils. YES. Erase your mistakes and keep your calendar beautiful & uncluttered. 
  • Ability to add stickers for additional planning fun
As a busy mom, keeping your family organized can feel daunting. But with the right resources, it can be made much easier. This quick guide is an overview to help you choose the best family planning wall calendar designed to keep busy families organized. Click through to the post to read more and discover how you can make family organization easy and help you achieve that balance.

Essential features to look for when shopping for an organizational calendar for Moms

With so many different types of wall calendars out there, it can be hard to know what is best for your family.

You need to keep these essential, must-have features in mind when you buy your next wall calendar. What is MOST important will vary from person to person! Focus on features that will make it the best calendar for busy moms for YOU, not other busy moms.

  • Beautiful design that compliments your home’s style and decor
  • Sized according to location it will hang in your house
  • Large enough to hold all the information that YOU want to have on your wall (this will look different for everyone)
  • Contains a meal planning section if that is important to you to be able to record meals in one place
  • Contains bill payment reminders sections
  • Separate sections to track events, commitments for each family member

Take care, and bye for now!


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