The Best Use of a Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet in Your Kitchen

It can be really hard to determine what the best use of a corner lazy susan cabinet is.

If you have one of these built-in lazy susan’s in your kitchen, chances are you have organized and re-organized it more than once.

These built in cupboard lazy susan turntables where really popular ‘organizational’ additions to kitchens in the 90’s. They are still used now, but tend to be fancier and ‘pull out’ of the bottom cabinets they are installed in. 

corner cupboard in kitchen containing built-in lazy susan turntables

In my old home, I had these lovely lazy susans in a couple of my cabinets. After much trial and error (and over several years), I finally had come up with the perfect way of organizing my lazy susan cabinet. 

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These pie shaped clear bins are the perfect solution to any lazy susan cabinet organizing dilemma

What is the best use of a corner lazy susan cabinet?

In my (previous) little kitchen, I discovered that the best way to use my upper corner lazy susan cabinet, was to turn it into a lazy susan coffee bar.

Finding this solution did take a couple years of organizational trial and error. But, that’s the wonderful thing about organization.

With organization you get to be creative. You get to rearrange things over a period of time, and keep trying new things until you find the perfect arrangement. 

built-in corner lazy susan turntable cabinet in white kitchen. Cabinet containing coffee mugs, and coffee making supplies.

Once you find that perfect arrangement, and the perfect organizational accessories, then you rarely have to re-organize from scratch in that space again. 

BUT with these built in cupboard lazy susan turntables, they usually require ALOT of messing around to see how to best use them in your kitchen. 

So if you have one, and you find it continues to get messy. Turns into a black hole of cooking supplies. Or maybe just feels like it’s not being utilized well.

lazy susan turntable built-into cabinet. Holding various tea making supplies.

Then I think you should give this idea of a corner coffee bar a try! To make the best use of a lazy susan corner cabinet.

Steps for Organizing a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Now, this idea obviously would not work the best if your lazy susan is in a lower cabinet, but if your lazy susan is in an upper cabinet, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Let’s get started making the best use of a corner lazy susan cabinet in your kitchen.

1. Take everything out of your upper lazy susan cabinet. 

2. Give it all a good wipe and clean

3. Gather all your coffee & tea supplies together to asses how much you have. 

coffee cups sitting on the top shelf of a built-in corner lazy susan cabinet

4. Categorize it on your counter, taking into account these things

  • What you use the most (daily)
  • If you need to store your coffee cups, and travel mugs IN this cupboard or not
  • The size of your cabinet
  • How many tiers of the lazy susan you have to work with
  • If the tiers of the lazy susan are adjustable
  • Your height – if you can reach everything in the cabinet easily, or do you need a stool
  • How you want to contain each of the categories of things (if it’s necessary)


In our cabinet specifically, when figuring out the best use of my corner lazy susan cabinet, these are the decisions I made…

  • We needed daily access to cups, travel mugs, 
  • I did need my cups & travel mugs inside this cupboard because of limited storage space for these things elsewhere.
  • The cabinet was quite large and able to hold a lot. So I was going to store as much in there as neatly, and efficiently as possible,
  • There was two tiers to work with
  • Each tier was adjustable: so it made sense too unscrew and push my bottom tier upwards, to make room for storage under it. For less wasted space.
  • The very top couldn’t be reached without a stool (so lesser used items went there)

5. Re-fill the cabinet with your categories, into the locations that make the most sense. 

bottom shelf of a corner cabinet in a kitchen containing white bins. Holding coffee and tea supplies such as travel mugs, hot chocolate mix and keurig cups

6. Make note of any additional containers you may need, like thes, and the size they should be

The IKEA Variera bins happened to fit perfectly in my cupboard. By turning them two different ways we maximized as many bin categories as possible because it allowed me to fit 4 bins, while being able to grab everything inside each bin.

Organization Tip: Use for 1-2 months!

Once you are completely done organizing the lazy susan cabinet, use it that way for a couple of months (at least) before making any changes.

So you can pin point exactly what the functional problems with the way it is organized may be. 

After that, you can decide what changes need to be made. To improve the function.

keurig machine and decor on countertop in kitchen

Your Corner Coffee Station, Is Now Ready for Use

Utilizing your upper cupboard lazy susan turntable, as a coffee bar can be a fantastic use of cabinet & corner counter space in smaller kitchens.

You can arrange your lazy susan turntable to hold your coffee cups, to-go mugs, tea, honey, & more. Then place your coffee makers in the corner underneath your upper cabinet. Add some cute decor and you’ve got yourself a corner coffee bar on your kitchen counter. 

Consider adding some pie-shaped bins to finishing organizing this space. Then you will have the absolute best use of a corner lazy susan cabinet. Make sure you measure the size & quantity you need for the bins before heading to the store!

Here is an idea for how to use a lower lazy susan cabinet if you have one of those as well!

Shop Bins for your Lazy Susan Cabinet

Take care!

Bye for now


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