How to: choosing the best mom planner to support your mom life organization goals

The best mom planner for organizing your mom life may vary a bit depending on what type of mom you are.

Whether you are a stay at home Mom, working Mom, or even depending on the age of your kids and how many activities you need to keep track of for them. 

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There are certainly ALOT of awesome mom life planners out there, and they EACH have something great to offer. 

But when it all comes down to it, the best mom planner for YOU is going to be whatever helps you to become a more organized mom and stay that way by building habits you can keep up with.

8 reasons why you need to use a planner to be an organized mom

8 Reasons why you need a mom life planner anyways?

Because every mom needs to use a planning tool of some sort, in some way or another.

1. Mom’s have a lot on the brain

It is a proven fact that writing things down (either digitally or physically) can help you to make sense of all that info swirling around in there.

Less stress equals a more happy mom because you know there is less of a chance of something important that you need to do, place to go etc won’t be forgotten about.

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2. A physically recorded place for your thoughts

Having a designated planner for recording things helps you be motivated to keep all your thoughts in one place. Less likely to loose an entire planner vs tiny pieces of note paper strewn all over the house

3. Works specifically for busy Moms

The best mom life planner will be designed specifically to work WITH a busy Mom brain, not against it. Meaning it won’t include unneccessary info that we shouldn’t have to think about. 


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4. Having a daily routine

Planning your day and having a productive mom routine physically recorded to look at (even if it’s in a super simple to use and minimal way) will keep you on track, accountable, and focused.

This is so important when we have to be pulled in so many directions all at the same time. 

5. Your memory needs help

You aren’t actually as good at remembering everything as you think you are – yep. Your mom was actually right when she told you that you stole all her brain cells and thats why she was forgetful (just my mom say that?)

Forget-fullness is a very real thing once you are a mom.

Which is strange because we have SO much to take care of daily. And we have lots of people depending on us to not be forgetful. Funny, but must have it’s purpose! 

6. Be able to say no

You can give yourself permission to say no to things. Because you can physically see how many things are on your plate, and not feel bad about it. 

7. Plain notepad’s or sticky notes don’t cut it

Using just a plain old generic notepad can have it’s disadvantages. Especially if you don’t have a very ‘organized brain’ to begin with.

Specialized notepads

Made specifically for busy Moms

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8. A planner is a done for you template

Think of a mom life planner; no matter what form it is in as a template. Planners come in various formats such as…

  • Digital vs Printed
  • Simple monthly layouts only vs Complex to allow planning down to the hour daily.
  • Pretty with lots of graphics and colors or plain black and white

You are paying someone else (typically a very low price) for something that literally saves you physical time. As well as mental energy, and a ton of effort. This is because you do not have to make the planner yourself. And it saves you time in your daily life because you are more productive and organized.

That you can usually use for an entire year at time. A good mom life planner is worth 100x it’s price in the productivity gains if you use it right. 

What are some of the reasons why other ‘best mom planners’ out there won’t work as well?

  • Can be too complex for someone looking for the basics
  • Is overwhelming to think about planning out an entire month for someone that struggles to plan out even a day at a time
  • Some are too colorful and loud for someone that wants a basic simple planner
  • It can be intimidating to spend a lot of money on a planner if you don’t know if you will like the design, if you are new to planning, or if you are historically known to waffle out on your ‘daily planning’ goals by about mid february. Lol
  • They do not focus on starting from the ground up
  • Sometimes a stay at home mom doesn’t want a day planner with the ‘hour by hour’ planning layout because their days are dictated by how the kids are rolling, not by what hour of the day it is. 
  • Some planners are designed for keeping track of schedules for up to 4 children, as well as your-self, which is AWESOME and I love that. But also can be unnecessary for smaller families, or families with only young children that don’t have school etc and don’t really need much ‘scheduling’
  • They’re super big…..also super awesome once again. But can also once again feel like just TOO MUCH for Mom’s that just want to start dipping their toes into this whole ‘let’s get my life planned and organized for once’ gig. 

When you are searching for the best planner for YOU, you get overwhelmed by ALL the options. All the layouts, all the different formats. For some mom’s that can lead them to NOT TAKE ACTION and order or buy one.

Because let’s face it. When you are a busy mom with 100 things on the brain, if you are not sure about something, you usually don’t have the time or mental energy to analyze if you should make the purchase or not.

We need to make decisions fast, or else we tend to not make them at all.

That is why; at Plan to MOM, my approach to planning is designed to be an easy yes for busy Moms. An easy commitment, and an easy first step that isn’t overwhelming at all. Steps that can be built upon once we have success with the step prior.

What is the best mom planner for you?

Look here at “10 best features of planners.” If you need more help to know what makes an incredible planner, and to decide what features you need.

Then choose what the best Mom planner for you is according to…

  1. The simple Mom – A daily planner notepad
  2. The Mom that wants an organized family – Mommin’3 Wall Calendar
  3. Mom needing daily habit tracking, planning & accountability to stay on track with her goal of becoming an organized Mom – The full deal

Additional reasons why buying a planner from PlantoMOM is full of benefits

  • Beginner friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Focused on creating the habit of planning vs getting your entire life figured out all at once (which can be extremely overwhelming for an already overwhelmed mom)
  • Comes with a mini-course that walks you step by step through utilizing a planner to make lasting changes in how you do mom life
  • Easy to access hub where all the information is stored for easy reference, easy updates when new info is added, and a more close-knit experience
  • Uses a step by step framework to slowly walk you through the process of becoming a more organized mom. It is always easier to make lasting change when you make small steps at a time in the right direction
  • Also great for more ‘experienced’ planner’s as well with thoughtfully designed layouts, simple pages to make the most of your writing space
  • Encourage you to take one day at a time. Which is very important if your a mom that is feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to organization, productivity, or just general routine creation. 
  • Comes in two formats both undated – printable or digital. Meaning you can use both for as long as you want too. Buy once and use forever. Just keep printing or adding pages as needed

The RIGHT mom life planner is so important for Moms struggling to get organized

Finding the best mom life planner for YOU can feel hard. Especially if you have tried different types of planners in the past, and nothing has stuck.

When it comes down to it, your best option is going to be one that…

  • Supports you in building the habit of planning, and recording things properly
  • Contain just enough guidance to help you plan the areas of life you need to plan
  • Will not make you feel overwhelmed (ie. containing areas to budget your entire month, if you are not at all ready to add budgeting habits into your life)
  • It will help you take small steps towards BECOMING organized and learning how to STAY that way

What is your favorite type of planner style right now? Paper or digital?

Take care!


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