How to become an organized Mom – 3 simple action steps to get started

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The task of figuring out how to become an organized mom is something that can feel impossible to begin. 

As a mom, we rarely have enough time to finish any of our thoughts completely, let alone thoughts that require us to make personal life changes. 

Because of that, we tend to put it off and tell ourselves that it isn’t the right time to create new habits, break old ones, and establish any routines or boundaries. 

But, you should be proud of yourself for starting down this path, of helping improve your family life and home according to your personal dreams. Becoming a more organized Mom isn’t always easy, but is so worth it.

How PTM is going to help you

This blog, Plan to MOM, is here to help you BEcome an organized Mom and stay that way. In the easiest way possible. Using my Mommin’3™ 3-Step Framework, you can finally learn how to get your self, your family and your home happily organized.

Why should you learn how to become an organized Mom?

As mom’s, a lot of the mental load of the family can fall on our shoulders correct? Especially when our children are very young and rely on their primary caregivers for everything. 

If we learn how to become an organized Mom, we can better handle all the things we need to remember, do, and manage on a daily basis.

Becoming an organized Mom doesn’t just mean having a ‘Home Edited’ home (by the way; slapping pretty labels on things doesn’t make it ‘organized’).

It means having

  1. An organized mental/emotional personal life
  2. Ways to manage your families life, activities and schedules 
  3. Homes for all the things in our home so that even the youngest family members can easily participate in keeping our physical home space in order

Once we get these things figured out (even just partially, it all helps) we will find ourselves feeling that sense of peace and order that we all crave as Mom’s. We will find ourselves…

  • Managing our time
  • Focused attention when we are actually carrying out a task. Whether that be tasks at work, or around the home
  • A sense of calm that your ducks are in a row
  • With the ability to be available emotionally when one of our children or our spouse needs something from us
  • Being pro-active rather than always being re-active

Step #1 for organized Mom life


Implement Phase 1 of The Mommin’3 Method

You need to first organize your personal #Momlife.

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We could organize our houses perfectly until we are blue in the face and 100% broke, with every cute little bin and basket we can find. 

BUT if our mental/emotional side of #Momlife is a mess, you will quickly see your home fall back into that state as well. 

So, we have to organize our personal lives FIRST in order to become an organized Mom. Quickly, some ways we can achieve some personal mom life organization and order is by

  • Set some goals
  • Create routines for ourselves
  • Be diligent with writing stuff down
  • Start small and take things step by step (don’t try to revamp your entire life in on shot)
  • Stay committed to this for the long haul, there will be steps forwards + backwards. This is about creating lasting change, not quick fixes.

Step #2 for learning how to be a more organized Mom


Implement Phase 2 of The Mommin’3 Method

Help your family organize their lives & organize family life as a whole

lady wearing pink shirt, standing beside a grocery cart in freezer aisle of grocery store. Holding food in one hand and list in other hand

Once we have some more feelings of control and peace internally with our personal life organization, we will naturally handle the ups and downs of managing our family a little easier. 

This way, when your kid asks you a question when you are in the middle of a task, you will be more likely to be able to resume that activity after helping your kid. 

Some ideas for helping your family get organized

  • Have a central area where you keep all your families plans, papers etc. Bonus points if this doubles as the area where your family calendar lives
  • Simplify your meal-time routine + menu so it is easier for older kids to help you prep / set the table etc. 
  • Set age-appropriate chore expectations. You can even provide them with checklists or detailed instructions they can reference to help them stay on track while actually performing each chore. Kids are easily distracted and need repetition to learn things.

Step #3 for being a more organized mom


Implement Phase 3 of The Mommin’3 Method

Organize the family home for ultimate family cooperation and participation

An organized family atmosphere will naturally be enhanced by having a way of organizing all our ‘stuff’ within our homes. 

This step comes last, although I see SO many people trying to focus on this part first.

woman wearing blue striped shirt. Folding laundry into piles on bed. Wire baskets holding folded clothing in front of her.

The key to learning how to become an organized Mom isn’t about a perfect looking house. Your house can be spotless at first glance, but you can still have a disorganized mind and daily routine!

However, in short. Make it EASIER on your family to work together to keep your home clean by…

  • Keeping your home as clutter free as possible
  • Having clearly set out and named ‘homes’ for everything
  • Be willing to listen to feedback and modify your organizational systems as needed
  • Nightly tidy-up’s that everyone works together on
  • File folders for managing each family members paper clutter (this ties into family + personal life organization as well)

Learning how to be a more organized Mom isn’t going to happen overnight.

The best way to learn how to become an organized Mom is by beginning with ourselves. Once we have our inner minds more organized, we will naturally be able to keep our families organized. With an organized personal life, and family life we can then focus on getting our homes more organized as well.  

Begin the process with me:

This is a process, a framework, a step by step journey you can begin, by following along here at Plan to MOM.

You CAN get more organized, and stay that way. Moms don’t have to live the life of chaotic, fly by the seat of your pants day to day hustle for the rest of your life.

Together, we can learn how to BEcome an organized Mom & stay that way


Remember, this isn’t about who can look the most organized on the ‘outside’ with organized homes, day planners filled to the brim, and kids all neat and tidely arriving to every extra-curricular perfectly time.  

This is about beginning a JOURNEY of changing ourselves to BECOME organized, not just BE organized. Because when we BECOME an organized mom, we are creating lasting changes that benefit our families, ourselves, and our futures.

If you do want a really quick win, this article from my friend at Mommy on Purpose:  on simplifying mom life – which I feel melds really well with what I am going after here in my goal of helping you to become an organized mom. It is a great, relatable, funny, honest & actionable read.

Take care for now, thanks for being here


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