Organization tips for busy Moms, and ONE crucial tip you’re probably missing out on

Arguably, the ONE most CRUCIAL organization tips for busy moms, is one you probably don’t hear of. 

When we search for organization tips, we get a lot of action steps. Which is great! Do this specific action and come out being ‘more organized.’

This ‘quick action tips’ advice, can sometimes lead us to believe that if we start doing that one thing, we will magically become an organized mom. 

Sadly, I don’t think that’s actually true, or the proper solution to our problem.

Let’s unpack together what the #1 most important organization tip for a busy mom should be. By taking a bird’s eye view of the goal of being more organized when you are a busy Mom.

The first crucial organization tip for busy moms is

You cannot have an organized home or family, if you don’t…

Yes, that’s right. You won’t be able to have the mental capacity to organize your home or family (properly) if your own mind is a jumbled mess of thoughts, plans, schedules, commitments, goals etc. 

As Mom’s, we often sacrifice ourselves in various ways for our families/kids. But, we have to remember that if we ourselves are drowning then we are not able to help those around us.

Learning how to become an organized Mom starts with organizing yourself. Which is why it is the most crucial organization tip a busy Mom needs to implement. Before she can even think about having a more orderly home, or being able to keep all the clutter at bay.

More busy Mom organization tips

It is possible that you already know that your mind is a jumbled mess, and you need to start writing things down more. Maybe you have even started the process of using a planner and creating routines.

If so, don’t worry. I have more quick organization tips for you, so you can still get your quick win out of learning some more organization tips for moms.

But, if you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed by your roles & duties all the time.

Then just hear me out, and choose to do some personal life organization FIRST before you go full force into organizing your entire home. 

Because we can do things like what I am listing below, until we are blue in the face.

We can dump ALL our energy into those things. But if we don’t have systems for maintaining it, or the mental capacity to maintain it, all these things will just fall apart as soon as we are too busy again. 

woman wearing denim shirt, holding a spring form pan reaching into her pantry for baking supplies

What are the ‘quick win’ organization tips for Moms you can try today?

1. Control the CLutter:

If you are able to declutter without it stressing you out, then you should. My recommended way of doing this is to just have a bin of ‘donation’ items where we can easily set down things that we need to get rid of, as we are cleaning up each day

2. Don’t put it down, put it away:

Kind of ties into what I said above. When you grab something, put it in its ‘home.’ If it takes less than a minute to put it in it’s proper home, then do it. 

3. Take out your meat the night before:

If you are planning your meals and know what kind of meat you need for supper each night, defrost it in the fridge the night before. Write this on your daily planner under (next day) so you don’t forget. 

4. Get enough sleep

Our productivity levels drop, and we can’t focus very well when we are tired. Sometimes we get less sleep than we planned on, thanks to our kids. BUT we can do our best to prioritize enough rest and sleep to recharge our minds and energy levels.

Nicely made up bed, grey and tan pillows. White and tan bedding

5. Enlist the help of your family

Talk to your kids and spouse about where stuff belongs. And how they can help out to keep your home running smoothly.

6. Simplify your decor, stuff etc

Minimize the visual clutter in your home by having less stuff sitting out. Visual clutter can be really distracting for our busy Mom brains and can easily steer us off course when we can’t focus to begin with.

7. Deal with paper clutter immediately

As soon as those papers come home from school, work, mail, etc. Deal with them. Consider setting up some sort of filing system or command system for your home. This will serve as a organization zone for these types of items.

8. Record bill due dates

Record the due dates for bills as soon as they arrive in your mail (or email inbox). Write it down in your planner, calendar or phone so you don’t forget.

coffee cup sitting on open book on a table. text overlay reads 'organized mom tips you need to know'

9. Laundry

Do a load of laundry every day or have a set laundry day. Then, fold those clothes right away as soon as they are dry.

10. Have a ‘halfway’ clothes basket

Set out a basket in your laundry room, or kids rooms. This basket Is for clothes they have worn once, but are not dirty enough to be put in the laundry hamper and washed. We all know that sometimes our little kids change outfits for no reason during the day. Leaving the clothes they had on originally, still clean.

11. Daily Kitchen Reset

Don’t go to bed with a messy kitchen! This is a recipe for productivity disaster. Before bed every night you should do your dishes, and wipe your counters. AT LEAST.

12. Wake up early

Yes, going to say off the bat. This is not my favorite tip. It is one I typically DO NOT do, and that works for my family.

13. Keep on top of your food in the fridge so things don’t go bad. 

Pay attention to expiry dates, and use things up or freeze them before they go bad.

14. be diligent to follow your daily schedule

Having a daily schedule is a super important part of any busy mom’s life. It can be really hard to create and stick to a good daily schedule when you are a stay at home mom, and the days blend together.

All these organization tips for moms are GREAT tips, and things I would highly recommend doing. But remember, they are not the most crucial.

Because you cannot MAINTAIN any of these tips without doing the first crucial organization tip for busy moms. Which is organizing yourself (your mind) first. 

You may be a rockstar at putting things away for a week, then a really busy week hits with kids home from school, your work schedule thrown off, and an extra project to ‘keep the kids busy.’ Then every tip you were just trying to implement all of a sudden flies out the window.

What is an organization tip?

An organization tip is basically defined as being these steps that you take to organize a space, or thing, or area of your life. Which, don’t get me wrong. This is great, has it’s place and I totally also have some of these tangible ‘tips’ as well. 

Quite often the answers presented to us, are things we DO already know deep down we need to be doing. 

We scroll through the list, think ‘yep – meal planning, routine for the kids, keep the clutter under control, I know I need to be doing those things.” But that doesn’t actually make the action we need to take, magically be initiated. 

bins in white cube shaped shelving in a home

So what should good organization tips for busy moms actually be?

Something that solves the problem of ‘how to become’ whatever the opposite of our problem is. 


Examples to put it into perspective

  • “Tips for getting your kids to play by themselves” could actually be framed as “how to become an independent player” because learning how to play independently will actually solve the problem of your kids never being able to play by themselves. 
  • So in order to actually solve the problem of being a disorganized Mom…we need to look at the problem like this “tips for how to become an organized mom, no matter how busy you are.”

We frame it like this so we can identify what is causing the problem of being disorganized. Address that problem. Create an action plan to overcome the problem. And slowly implement the plan to turn it into lasting, habitual change.

You’re going to see this theme in my other posts as well…because I think it’s obviously very important! 

Follow a simple framework that focuses on mindset, habits, routines and inner work first and foremost, to help you BECOME organized, not just reactively BE organized. To do that, using a daily planner or daily planning notepad is the best way to get started. 

YOU are the most important piece of all these organization tips for Moms

To sum it all up. Right now you feel like you need a list of ‘tips’ of action steps to take to finally get organized. Because you’re a super busy mom and you just NEED a sense of calm in your life with SOMETHING, ANYTHING. 

You need a quick win to help you feel good, something you can ‘check off the list’ each day to feel more organized. But what we learned is that the ONE crucial ‘organization tips for busy Moms’ you’re probably missing is YOU. 

YOU are a very important piece in your family puzzle, YOU get to decide what an ‘organized life’ looks like, and what role everyone is going to play in that.

Organization is possible for you, and that it’s simpler than we all think. If we take it step by step.

white subway tile, butcher block counter. Wooden box sitting on counter holding cutting trays, cooking utensils and pepper mill

We CAN have beautifully organized lives, home, and families if we start at the very beginning and work on ourselves first. 

So grab yourself your favorite daily planner, notepad or piece of paper. Start by taking things one day at a time focusing on what you need to do to feel like your mind is more organized and under control. Then we will go from there.

Let’s do this!

Take care, and bye for now!


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