Why a planner for designed for a stay at home mom is crucial for getting organized

When you are a stay at home mom, you may find yourself sometimes wondering where the days have gone. 

It seems like you wake up, spend all day in the kitchen feeding your little birdies and boom it’s bedtime again already. 

You will feel even more unsure of what happened to your day, when you are NOT in the habit of utilizing a planner for a stay at home mom

the one tool sahm's need to finally get organized

Being an organized stay at home mom is easier with a sahm planner

Sometimes as stay at home mom’s, we can get into the habit of saying ‘ill do that later.’ Or ‘someone needs me I will do that later.’ Which if we are being honest with ourselves is a slippery slope. 

When we use a planner to have a daily plan we have a quick reference point to re-focus our brain after each time our kids distract us. 

If we know that we need to book a dentist appointment. But literally EVERY time it comes to mind, we are quickly distracted by a fighting kid, dirty diaper, hungry tummy etc. Days can go by before we remember again LONG enough to actually deal with it. 

Knowing you can quickly glance at your planner to refocus your brain onto what the task at hand was can reduce the stress you feel when your being constantly interrupted. 

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Need help figuring out what planner is right for you?

Why a planner for stay at home moms is crucial for getting organized.

Being an organized stay at home mom begins with using a sahm planner,

Because when we have a simple, easy to use framework for organizing our life, we can slowly start to organize the other areas of our life as well that come with being a stay at home mom. 

And the first step in this framework is getting ourselves organized. 

When we don’t care to get ourselves organized first, we can’t expect ourselves to have the mental capacity to keep our family or home organized as well.

woman in grey sweatshirt standing in front of an open blank notebook. Computer in background

Using a planner gives us a chance to 

  • Write down our thoughts (before we forget them)
  • Refocus our minds after our many daily distractions
  • Keep motivated, even when the day isn’t going right
  • Remember our commitments, plans, goals, daily routines and more

On the flip side, when we DON’T use some method of planning & prioritizing our days we will

  • Loose focus
  • Lack clarity
  • Be constantly forgetting where we left off on a task because of the distractions of our kids

Common objections AGAINST using a sahm planner when your a busy Mom already

So, here are some common objections you may have as a stay at home mom AGAINST using a planner, or a sahm planner

I don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time every single day, so why do I need to plan my day:

BECAUSE even if you only leave the house for a ‘set’ appointment or outing once a week, that still means that the other 5 days are going to be spent without any CLEAR FOCUS OR DIRECTION.

Meaning your days will blow by before you know it, and like we said before. You will wonder where your day goes!

Or it will drag by with no end in sight because by the time you finally ‘feel like’ doing anything, it will already be too late because it will be nap time, bedtime, snack time, suppertime etc. 

My kids just dictate how my day goes anyways, whenever I have a plan they always ruin it:

WE all have those days, YES. BUT you are the parent, and in actuality you dictate how the day goes because children need guidance.

If you do not have boundaries around routines, schedules and daily expectations that need to be followed. They won’t either.

I don’t want to wake up before my kids to plan my day in peace:

That’s okay. Me either. I actually plan it out the night before.

After I have winded down for a bit, I find it really easy to set a simple framework for the next day in less than 5 minutes.

That’s the perfect amount of time for your tea to steep so you can get back to hanging out once your done your planning – you can get some help for that here.

I hate how it feels to have a full to do list staring at me first thing in the morning, it puts me in a bad mood:

Once again that’s okay. We talk about these feelings in detail in my mini-course.

We cover how to NOT overwhelm yourself and to actually set yourself up for success so that ball of small wins can start rolling the second your feet hit the ground each morning! 

I do all my ‘parenting/adult’ tasks once my kids are in bed because they won’t allow me to get anything done during the day:

If that’s the case and your kiddos are still little and you feel like they are on your feet all day long. You are going to do this first – give yourself some grace – these ‘little years’ are extremely difficult in their own way.

Your kids love you and want to learn from you. You DO NOT have to feel bad about spending time with them WHILE doing your housework.

My girls LOVE to be on my bed helping me fold laundry or just chatting with me. They love pushing the buttons on the washing machine to turn it on.

They love practicing counting skills to get the table set for supper. Let’s get some toddler responsibilities help for your right here

If you have more objections, please let me know. Most of all because I want to help you work through any roadblocks. that may be stopping you from wanting to begin using a planner for stay at home moms to make you feel less overwhelmed. I promise it is worth it. 

Why is the Mommin’3™ planner the best possible planner for stay at home moms

  • Beginner friendly
  • Helps you to tackle things according to priority
  • Simple to use
  • Focused on creating the habit of planning vs getting your entire life figured out all at once (which can be extremely overwhelming for an already overwhelmed mom)
  • Uses a step by step framework to slowly walk you through the process of becoming a more organized mom. It is always easier to make lasting change when you make small steps at a time in the right direction
  • Also great for more ‘experienced’ planner’s as well with thoughtfully designed layouts, simple pages to make the most of your writing space
  • Encourage you to take one day at a time. Which is very important if your a mom that is feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to organization, productivity, or just general routine creation
stay at home mom planner to get organized

Final thoughts on how a planner for stay at home moms will benefit you

When you have the desire to become a more organized stay at home mom, you need to evaluate how using a planner will benefit you.

You maybe don’t use a planner at all, or never stick with the habit of using a planner because you don’t realize the one you are using isn’t right FOR YOU.

Using a thoughtfully designed sahm planner helps you to…

  • Get things out of your full mind and onto paper before we loose our train of thoughts.
  • Gives you a SINGLE, CENTRALIZED location for recording these fleeting to-do list thoughts. So you aren’t searching your entire home for random sticky notes and pieces of paper
  • Gives us a way to focus again on the task at hand no matter how many times our kiddos distract us
  • Can give us little bursts of motivation, adrenaline and happiness to be able to check off little tasks from our to-do list. Even when the day isn’t going as we had planned for it to go, we can celebrate these small little wins!
  • Helps us have a place to record, dream, and plan out various personal, & family goals. We can keep track of our commitments, plans, goals, daily routines and more.

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