How to use a closet shelf for jewelry storage

It can be nice to store your jewlery on a shelf in your closet instead of in your bathroom, or on the dresser in your room. 

Everyone has their own preferences, but there are definitely benefits to using a closet shelf as a jewlery storage space. 

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I used to store my jewelry in a jewelry box on my dresser in the bedroom in our old house. Our closet was a normal depth closet, not a walk-in. So there wasn’t room to store jewlery in there. 

Once we moved, I was able to dedicate a shelf in our new walk-in closet to storing my jewlery box, and to hang my necklaces. Thankfully there was even room for my purse and wallet beside. 

Some tips when choosing a Closet shelf for jewelry storage

For picking the shelf to use 

  • Not too high
  • In a low traffic area
  • Somewhere you can adjust the shelves to minimize lost storage space
  • Make sure the shelf is deep enough to accommodate your jewlery box

Decide if you will use the entire length of the shelf or not

  • Consider adding some baskets to the side if its a really long shelf to store scarves, belts, or other accessories. Don’t waste any shelf space
  • Or do what I did and use it as a shelf for my purse
jewelry box on shelf in closet

Pro’s / Con’s of Jewelry storage in closet

What are some of the pro’s and con’s of having jewelry storage in closet rather than in the bathroom or bedroom?


  • Hidden
  • Doesn’t clutter up your dresser
  • Easy and quick to create your outfits
  • Easier to keep away from your kids


  • Requires you to sacrifice a shelf you could be storing other things on
  • Anything out in the open and not covered could get dusty

Necklace storage hacks

Something else you can do is to use this little necklace storage hack to gain even more storage in the space you have. 

This is especially a good idea if you don’t have a very big jewelry box, or don’t have an area for your necklaces within the box itself. 

The necklace storage hack is to…

Utilize the space behind the jewelry box as a place to add necklace hooks. The hooks I recomend are…
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necklaces hanging on clear small command hooks on a shelf in a closet

It is always a good idea to use vertical space when you are organizing wherever you can. Adding removable hooks, like these command hooks is the best way to do this. In a low-commitment way. 

close up image of clear command hooks used for necklace hanging

Consider storing your jewelry on a shelf in your closet to keep your bedroom tidier

If you are looking for a way to store your jewelry in a place other than your bathroom or dresser, then you need to consider using a closet shelf as a jewelry storage space. 

This can keep your jewelry up high away from your kids curious fingers. It can reduce the visual clutter in your bedroom. It can also help keep your jewelry away from excess humidity in your bathroom. 

All you need is one small shelf and some removable command hooks to be able to move your jewelry and necklaces into one tidy little area of your closet. Even if you don’t have an expensive built-in wardrobe system!

Where is your preferred place to store your jewelry and necklaces right now? Be sure to let me know what great ideas you have in the comments below.

Take care and bye for now!


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