What to store above the toilet to maximize storage space in the bathroom

You need a bit of extra storage in your bathroom, but don’t know where to increase your storage space. This might cause you to start asking, what can I store above the toilet?

If you have an above the toilet storage system of some sort, you should be using it effectively to really maximize that extra organizational storage space. 

Should it be a place to display some decor? Should it house all your toilet paper for the entire household? For both those questions, not likely!

Let’s figure out some better uses of the space with above the toilet storage ideas for both cabinets and shelving. 

white wooden shelves mounted in the wall in a bathroom. three shelves containing various decor and bathroom items

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Above the toilet storage ideas

When it comes to above the toilet storage ideas, it is basically broken down into two categories usually. Closed cabinets vs open shelves. 

When to use shelves for above the toilet storage?

Use shelves to store small amounts of items in cute baskets, to set more of a decorative statement. This is great for guest bathrooms. Where you want a bit of extra storage of items that your guests may need. 

But do not want (or don’t like) the look of a big wall mounted or free standing closed cabinet above the toilet. 

When to use closed cabinets above the toilet?

Use closed cabinets to maximize as much storage as possible. This is great in main bathrooms, or master bathrooms. Where we have high storage needs, and want to be able to keep in enclosed, away from humidity, extra dust and just keep it tidier looking.

This is how I utilized my wall mounted above the toilet cabinet in our master bathroom. I needed a lot of extra storage, in a way that kept it out of reach of my kids. As well as being really easy to re-stock.

These are some really great options for above the toilet cabinets in this article here.

What to store above the toilet to maximize storage space

Here are some ideas for what to store above the toilet either on shelves or within an enclosed storage cabinet so you can best utilize the space you have in a beneficial way. 

brown rope hanging organizer hanging on the wall in a bathroom. Containing bathroom toiletries

Bathroom items you can store on shelves

  1. Extra toiletries/cosmetics
  2. Face and hand towels rolled up vertically and placed in baskets
wicker basket on a white shelf in the bathroom holding rolled up hand towels

Items you can store in an enclosed bathroom cabinet

  1. Extra bulk toiletries / cosmetics
  2. Towels
  3. Seldom used hair tools
  4. Cleaning supplies 
  5. At home spa supplies/electronics that are not used often
  6. Hair accessories that are not used often (headband hanging tree etc) paper towel holder for scrunchies etc

Using above toilet storage effectively

When you have extra space available above the toilet, either on shelves or in an enclosed cabinet. You can easily use that space to store extra toiletries and bathroom supplies. 

Even if your shelving is open, you don’t have to just make a dust collecting decor space. You can store things, in the open without it looking messy by using cute baskets.

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what to store above the toilet in your bathroom to maximize limited storage space.

Need some next steps?

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  2. You can also store things such as linens; BESIDE your toilet in a storage cabinet if you have enough room

Take care, and bye for now!


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