Why Cant I Get Organized Already? Dishing the 2 Secret Reasons Why Other Organizing Tips Haven’t Clicked for You Quite Yet

As a busy Mom, has this thought ever crossed your mind…”Why Cant I get Organized?” “What am I doing wrong that my house turns into a mess again so quickly?” Or “I have this fancy new planner, but for some reason I still feel stressed and overwhelmed.”

These questions are bound to have crossed all our minds at least once. We have tried all these different ways in the past of getting organized and it felt really really good in the moment.

Tried using a new planner, followed through when we learned a new organization trick we learned on social media. But for some reason whatever we learned or tried didn’t stick.

BUT before you know it, you have fallen back into old habits and ways of doing things. Suddenly any of those tips and tricks that you tried implementing, they just didn’t actually make a difference in the long run.

Hey Momma!

Are you a juggling genius or a balanced busy bee?


Why cant I get organized as a busy Mom? What is the secret I am missing?

Why can’t I just keep an organized life, keep an organized family, and keep my home tidy and organized? Why doesn’t that just work for me? And why do I do so good for a little bit and then end up falling off track?

So, there are two main sneaky little problems that can cause us to struggle with organization as busy Mom’s and ask that guilt inducing question of “why cant I get organized?”

Problem #1: Organization advice can be too focused on tips

Often, we feel like we are missing this crucial secret tip that is just magically going to make organization easy for us once we figure it out.

When we read things on the internet, or see stuff on social media, it’s like… Do this or do that and you’ll be organized. And it seems so promising and good in theory, right?

Often time, instead what happens is this. Because these little tips are not actually grounded in anything else, it is too hard to turn this tip we learn into an actual daily practice.

If we don’t turn these tips we learn into habits, it will not become part of how we actually organize our life or our home on a daily basis.

Before we know it the tip is forgotten and the small progress that may have been made is lost.

Fun fact for you; did you know that it actually takes between 30 to 60 repetitions of something for it to create a habit? To get organized on a sustainable level where we can feel organized and more in control every single day….We will have to build some habits.

Let’s create a little example here to help us understand it better.

So if we are just taking one little quick tip – Pick up 10 things every time before you leave a room.

This tip on its own is great. It will indeed get us to tidy up things before we leave a room and forces us to remove items that do not belong in that room. Or place the item back in it’s ‘home base’ within the room.

You might do that like really diligently for a month, and that’s awesome. You might make a lot of progress.

But when we have kids and a family and different things, our house is a living breathing place where there’s always new messes being made. Or, the kids asking to make a mess on purpose, aka sensory play. Does that make you squirm as much as it makes me squirm!?

So if that, pick up ten things every day, doesn’t actually become a habit, you can see how then that doesn’t actually help us get organized in the long run, right?

When we do not follow through with this habit every single day without even thinking about it, it will lead too that clutter building up again. It’s inevitable.

We need to have this happy mix of all these elements in the picture above in order to be capable of starting to BECOME an organized Mom. When one of these elements is missing, we will struggle with getting our #Momlife organized and in order. Causing us to ask once again “Why cant I get organized?”

Problem #2: No overarching Organizational System to Follow

Problem number two is that for some people, organization comes naturally to them, and they don’t have a specific method or system to teach as a grounding factor for the tip they’re sharing.

When organization is not taught in a systematic way, it makes it hard to know what steps to take next.

Many of us benefit from step by step systems to learn how to do something properly. Especially as busy mom’s when our minds are always throwing new distractions at us, that throw us off track.

You might be saying “You know, I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, and I just don’t get it. I’m too busy for it.” Or, you might be saying “I’m just not at a stage of my life right now. Where I can work on getting organized.”

Well friend, I am with you. I am also in the phase of life where somedays all I can hope for is that the kids make it into bed on time in clean pyjama’s.

The good news in this all, is that even if organization doesn’t come naturally to you, you can still be taught how to BECOME an organized Mom.

The encouragement in all this, the flip side of these two problems, is that organization can be taught. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Additionally, tips and tricks do have their place, but they need to be grounded in a system or a method.

That method when you follow it, is going to help you turn those tips and tricks into a daily practice. One which will actually stick with you, become a habit, and make a difference in the long term goals of becoming organized.

That’s not getting organized just one day out of the year or for a month out of the year. We want to learn how to just become organized without even having to think about it so that it’s just automatic, right?

Because we’re already so busy doing everything else for our families. We do not need to be constantly stressed and overwhelmed.

Thinking things like “Oh that bathroom, it’s such a disaster. all the time. I just don’t have any time to organize it.”

We don’t need to feel that way. We already have enough pressure on ourselves, right?

You are in the right place

If you are someone that benefits from learning by a step-step system, then you are in the right place. Because here at Plan to MOM we teach organization exactly that way.

There are two sneaky little problems that cause us to ask the question, “Why can’t I get organized?”

To sum up this episode, where today we talked about how to feel encouraged about our organizational journey as busy Moms. So that we can stop feeling so discouraged and frustrated when we reflect on our day to day life and ask ourselves; why can’t I get organized?

Master Organized Motherhood podcast promotional image. Episode 1 title: Why cant I just get organized already? Dishing the 2 secret reasons why organization hasn't clicked for you yet.

We learned that there are two main problems that get in our way when we try all these random ideas to try to get organized.

These two problems are

1.) We are too focused on tips

2.) There is no system to follow.

Everybody has a different way or learning that really clicks with them.

When we are learning about organization ideas for busy moms in haphazard, random ways, that causes it to not ‘stick’ and not make a difference in the long term.

So then what happens is… We try different ideas, tips and tricks. We buy all sorts of organizational gadgets or download new apps. Then we fall off track within about a month or less.

Leading us to feel bad that yet more time and effort was wasted on something that didn’t work. We feel guilty that we aren’t organized.

That we’ve bought another planner that we don’t use, or we’ve bought a bunch of organization gadgets that aren’t actually being used properly.

But I just want you to come out of this feeling encouraged that it’s not actually your fault that you are struggling with this.

There is a way to learn organization in a way that is finally going to click for you. No matter how little your kids are, how many you have or how busy you are.

When we instead learn how to become an organized mom by following a specific system that will teach us what step to take at the right time. We will be feeling more organized before we know it! But most of all, we will feel awesome not having to ask ourselves anymore “why cant I get organized?” It will be a thing of the past and a reflection of who we used to be, not who we have become.

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